Grand Point Church - Father's Day 2023

When our home church asked me to create something as a tribute to all of the Dads and Father-Figures out there, I knew we had to go the comedic route. In an effort to bring some cohesiveness to our three separate campuses, I took the time to include staff members from all of our locations.

June 4, 2023 Announcement

A church announcement video like you've probably seen before, but with a little extra production value. I mic'd our main pastor so the audio would match the high quality of the video, and also set up a separate side angle to help keep the viewer's attention.

Grand Point Chambersburg - Web Banner

This video will soon be the main banner for a website redesign and was created to showcase the average visitor's experience at Grand Point Chambersburg.

National Association of Evangelicals - Flourish Conference 2022

The National Association of Evangelicals asked for an event recap video that they could use to not only share the happenings of the 2022 conference, but to also promote future conferences. I roamed around the entire 2-day event with a camera, and tied in to the sound system to get high-quality audio of each speaker.

Kevin Elworth Farewell Video

One of our pastors felt called to a different ministry, and the church brought me on to create a video to honor Pastor Kevin's service to the church. To go above and beyond, I found a few individuals and families who meant a lot to Kevin, and set up professional interviews with them to up the production value, and make it even more memorable.

Eve's Victory - Seeds of Hope

One of my early full video projects, but one that is very close to our hearts. Eve's Victory is an organization that brings support to those dealing with infant loss, pregnancy loss, NICU stays, and much more.

2022 In Review

A short highlight of Grand Point Church's Shippensburg Campus from the year 2022.